What? Fresh crab for dinner? 

Just minutes after leaving  the Port Sidney Marina dock , you will be in some awesome crabbing spots, boasting crabs like Dungeness and Red Rock crab.

This can be a great adventure to catch your own crab and cook it with your friends and family in the comfort of your own home!

Salmon Fishing


Cruise out of the docks of Victoria Boat Rentals into the sheltered and calm waters surrounded with islands that make boat rentals in Sidney a favorite with anglers.

Hundreds of thousands Needlefish bring hungry Chinook (King) Salmon for  amazing year-round salmon fishing. The reefs and kelp beds also make our area brilliant for Lingcod just steps from our docks!

January to March is best for smaller sized winter chinook salmon, May to August for big chinook 

Autumn for pink, sockeye, coho and chum salmon.

Rod and Reel Fishing


Victoria Boat Rentals in Sidney offers basic fishing packages. Just cruise out to the perfect spot in one of our safe and reliable rental boats,  bait the line and relax ! Nothing better than just hanging out jigging for your dinner!!! Kids LOVE it too!!